Let your eye color shine with these eye shadows presented by our M.A.C Creators!
Give your eye color the attention it deserves by using these eye shadow colors!


Use eye shadows in shades of purple, copper and burgundy to let the green in your eyes steal the show!

Matte purple eyeshadows like 'Power to the purple' 'Such a Tulle' 'Haute Sauce' and ‘Rose before bros' absorb the light and show off the full color pigmentation as they are meant to.

Do you prefer an eyeshadow with glitter or shimmer? The colors 'Cranberry' and 'Rich Core' will make your green eyes stand out more!



You can use more colors to make your eye color stand out beautifully! Blues and shades of gray will make the brown in your eyes look deeper or more bright. A black eyeshadow or eye pencil will give your eyes more power. Or opt for natural brown eyeshadow like 'tete-a-tint or 'Swiss Chocolate'.

With matte blue eyeshadows like 'Triennial Wave' and 'Electric Eel' you will transform your eyes in no time! You can finish your look with shimmery blue eyeshadows like 'In the Shadows'& 'Lunar'. The light reflecting particles make your look stand out from a distance!

Nice shades of grey for brown eyes are 'Vex' 'Scene' 'Glitch in the Matrix' and for black eyeshadow 'Carbon' is always a winner!



Then warm tones are your best friend to make the blue in your eyes stand out more. Think bronze or copper tones or rusty browns. Anything with a hint of orange will bring out blue beautifully!

Pretty soft colors with a Matte or Satin finish are 'Devoted to chili' 'What clout' and 'Shell Peach'.